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Let’s Talk – Join Dr. Ron Reese and Dr. Jean Meeks-Koch, global experts in Family Business Enterprise for an interactive webinar discussing the critical statistics on why Family Business Enterprises fail and how the Three Circle Model—an esteemed framework utilized by industry experts to navigate the complexities of multi-generational family businesses can foster success.

The Guest Speakers

Dr. Ronald Reece, PhD, FFI Fellow

Has over 25 years of experience in private practice, Dr. Reece has expanded his expertise beyond individual counseling to positively impact family business, industries, and audiences nationwide. His mission? Preventing the destruction of both businesses and individuals. Through engaging talks that often draw parallels with beekeeping, Dr. Reece effortlessly combines education with entertainment, leveraging his empathy and insight honed in private practice to enhance organizational effectiveness and interpersonal relationships

Dr. Jean Meeks-Koch, PhD, FFI Fellow

She is the visionary behind Positively People Consulting, a trusted resource for family enterprises navigating complex transitions and continuity planning. With a wealth of expertise in change management, organizational restructuring, and conflict resolution, Jean guides families through transformative journeys with precision and empathy. Recognized globally for her insights into organizational dynamics, Jean collaborates closely with families to craft tailored strategies that honor their unique dynamics and aspirations. Beyond addressing immediate challenges, she helps families envision and realize their long-term generational goals.

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